Upcoming Conference

NEEPS 2017
June 15-18 – Binghamton University

The Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (
NEEPS) will hold its 11th Annual Conference on the Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences from Thurs. June 15th-Sunday June 18th at Binghamton University in Vestal New York.  We welcome a diverse set of presenters and we encourage any submissions relating to evolution and behavior from all disciplines and fields.

On our conference website, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to register for and attend the conference!  Please also check out the NEEPS 2017 Facebook Page to stay up-to-date and connect with other attendees!

Check out the conference program for presenter information and a schedule of events!

For more information about the conference, please e-mail conference organizers Laura Johnsen and Mandy Guitar. For questions related to NEEPS in general, please contact NEEPS president T. Joel Wade.

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Binghamton University
4400 Vestal Parkway East, Binghamton, NY 13902