July 2018

Congratulations to the new NEEPS Executive Board Members! The future of NEEPS is in good hands!

President – T. Joel Wade

Vice-President – Maryanne Fisher

Treasurer – David Widman

Secretary – Anastasia Makhanova

Communications Officer – Glenn Geher & Rebecca Burch

Membership Officer – Daniel Glass

Student Representative – James Moran

Members at Large – Gregg Murray & Christopher Lynn


April, 2018

Congratulations to the student and faculty award winners from NEEPS’ 12th annual conference!

NEEPS student talk – Gaerth Craze
NEEPS student poster – Zeynep Senveli
NEEPS honorable mention (Poster) – Madeline Bennetti
FEPS faculty talk – Victoria Ingalls
FEPS student talk – Laura Johnson
FEPS student poster – Emily Rundle
FEPS faculty poster – Rebecca Burch and Maryanne Fisher

June, 2017
Best Student Poster (NEEPS: tie): Catherine A. Bourgeois, St. Mary’s University;

Toe Aung, Albright College
Best Student Oral Presentation (NEEPS): Jacqueline Eisenberg, State University of New York at New Paltz
FEPS student poster awards go to: Emilie Caron, Societal Perceptions of Male and Female Athletes

and Patricia MacEachern, True Love and Other Options: Four Female Mating Strategies in Sex and The City

FEPS: Faculty poster: Sarah Radtke, “Sexual and Emotional Fantasy and Same-sex Sexual Behaviour in Heterosexual and Mostly Straight Women in Relation to the Allomothering Hypothesis”

FEPS: Faculty talk: Joel Wade, “If only for one night: Sex and the Perceived Effectiveness of Short-term Mate Poaching Tactics.”

FEPS: Student talk: Melanie MacEacheron, “Differences in Variables Related to Premarital Surname Change/Retention in Canadian Brides Entering Same-versus Opposite-Sex Marriages”

June, 2016

Congratulations to the presentation award winners for 2016!
Best student poster (NEEPS): Anastasia Makhanova
Best student oral presentation (NEEPS; tie): Brittany Cormier and Juliana French
Best student poster (FEPS): Brittany Cormier
Best faculty poster (FEPS): Rebecca Burch

April, 2015

Congratulations to the student award winners of NEEPS 2015!

Poster Presentations – Dana Blydenburg and Lindsey Schlaeg

Paper Presentations – Carlota Batres and Kyle Thomas


APA to Publish JSEC Under New Title, Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences

As of the January 2014 issue, the Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology (JSEC) will be published by the American Psychological Association under the new title, Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. EBS will continue to be the official journal of the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (NEEPS), and will maintain its current mission of promoting science that advances the study of human behavior from an evolutionary perspective, with an emphasis on work that integrates evolutionary theory with other approaches and perspectives from across the behavioral sciences. A full press release is available here. As part of the transition, there is a new EBS website, where visitors can learn more about the journal, and contributors can soon submit manuscripts via an online portal.

April 15, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the best 2014 student presentations.

Best student presentation:
Stéphanie Gauvin – Differences between the ‘choosy sex” and non-choosy sex on sexual experience and future behavioral preferences

Honorable Mention
Dan Glass – PsychTable: A practical framework for improving the efficacy of groups

Best student poster:
Emily Beasley – The role of affect priming on attention
Honorable Mention
Nakita Archibald – How women evaluate potential rivals

May, 2012

Student and faculty awards for the NEEPS 2012 conference:


1) Student Poster: Beth DeCoste (with Maryanne Fisher) winner, An Exploration of Women’s use of Indirect Aggression in Relation to Mate Competition

2) Student Poster: Daniel Gambacorta (with Timothy Ketelaar) honorable mention, Dominance and deference: The effect of social status on creative display in a competitive mating context


1) Student Talk: Amanda Guitar (with Daniel Glass and Glenn Geher) Situation-Specific Emotional States: A Test of Evolutionary Functionality)



1) Student Poster: Amanda Guitar (with Maryanne Fisher, Justin Garcia, Daniel Kruger and Glenn Geher), Assessing Definitions and Interpretations of Sexual and Emotional Infidelity

2) Faculty Poster: Rose Sokol Chang and Maryanne Fisher, What do Women Paint?


1) Student Talk: Sarah Radtke (with Maryanne Fisher), Lesbian Pulp Fiction: An Analysis of Women’s Mate Preferences

2) Faculty Talk: Chris Rieber, Evolution and Medicine: Reducing Diagnostic Discordance in Women’s Health Issues.

April, 2011

Student and faculty awards for the NEEPS 2011 conference:

Best Paper: Dawn R. Hobbs (SUNY Albany; with Gordon Gallup): Songs as a medium for embedded reproductive messages.

Best Poster: Samantha Whetstone (SUNY Oswego; with Rebecca Burch), Treatment of Romantic Partner across the Menstrual Cycle,

A special thank you to the following:

David Zehr, Conference Host, Plymouth State University – http://www.plymouth.edu/
Benjamin Crosier, Program Chair, University of Florida
Rosemarie Sokol Chang, President, SUNY New Paltz
Daniel Kruger, Vice President, University of Michigan