Information on previous years’ conferences can be found below. Photos from the conferences can be viewed at the NEEPS shutterfly webpage:
NEEPS 2019 – Boston, MA, June 2-5 Image result for boston Program _________________________________________________________________________________ NEEPS 2018 – SUNY New Paltz, April 19-22 Image result for suny new paltz Keynote Speakers: Martie Haselton and Doug Kenrick Award Winners: NEEPS Fellow: Rosemarie Sokol-Chang NEEPS student talk – Gaerth Craze NEEPS student poster – Zeynep Senveli NEEPS honorable mention (Poster) – Madeline Bennetti FEPS faculty talk – Victoria Ingalls FEPS student talk – Laura Johnson FEPS student poster – Emily Rundle FEPS faculty poster – Rebecca Burch and Maryanne Fisher Program Book ____________________________________________ NEEPS 2017 – SUNY Binghamton, June 15-18 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Catherine Salmon and Dr. Todd Disotell Past-Presidential Address: Dr. Daniel J. Kruger NEEPS Awards: Best student poster (tie): Catherine A. Bourgeois and Toe Aung Best student oral presentation: Jacqueline Eisenberg FEPS Awards: Best student posters: Emilie Caron and Patricia MacEachern Best student oral presentation: Melanie MacEacheron Best faculty poster: Sarah Radtke Best faculty talk: T. Joel Wade Program
NEEPS 2016 – St. Mary’s University of Halifax, June 2-5 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Jerome Barkow and Dr. Louise Barrett NEEPS Awards: Best student poster: Anastasia Makhanova Best student oral presentation (tie): Brittany Cormier and Juliana French FEPS Awards: Best student poster: Brittany Cormier Best faculty poster: Rebecca Burch Program
NEEPS 2015 – Suffolk University, April 9-12 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Steven Pinker and Dr. Felix Warneken Invited Developmental Panel Speakers: Dr. Robert Trivers, Dr. David Haig, Dr. Joyce F. Benenson, and Dr. Gary Fireman NEEPS Awards: Best student poster: Lindsey Schlaeg Best student oral presentation (tie): Carlota Batres and Kyle Thomas Program
NEEPS 2014 – SUNY New Paltz, April 10-13 Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Buss Past-Presidential Address: Dr. Rosemarie Sokol-Chang Invited symposium on evolution and modern human health: Dr. Gordon Gallup,  Dr. Chris Reiber, and Dr. Daniel J. Kruger NEEPS Awards: Best student poster: Emily Beasley Best student poster (Honorable Mention): Nakita Archibald Best student oral presentation: Stephanie Gauvin Best student oral presentation (Honorable Mention): Daniel Glass Program
NEEPS 2013 – Lebanon Valley College, May 31- June 2 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Paul Bingham, Dr. Joanne Souza, and Dr. John McNeil Panel Discussion Dr. Geoffrey Miller and Dr. Holly Dunsworth Program
NEEPS 2012 – Plymouth State University, April 27-29 PSU Keynote Speakers: Dr. David Livingstone Smith and Dr. Robert Kurzban Program
NEEPS 2011 – SUNY Binghamton, April 1-3 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Sarah Hrdy and Dr. Daniel Nettle Program
NEEPS 2010 – SUNY New Paltz, March 25-28 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Richard Wrangham and Dr. Marlene Zuk
NEEPS 2009 – SUNY Oswego, July 10-12 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Helen Fisher and Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa Program
NEEPS 2008 – Southern New Hampshire University, May 2-4 Keynote Speakers: Dr. Steven Pinker and Dr. Peter Gray Program
NEEPS 2007 – SUNY New Paltz, April 12-14 Keynote Speakers: Dr. David Sloan Wilson and Dr. Gordon Gallup Program