NEEPS prides itself on being a society that welcomes and supports students. Undergraduate and graduate students frequently present both posters and oral presentations.

At the conference, the various events and networking opportunities encourage faculty and students to interact with each other building a community that is not segregated by career stage.

Additionally, NEEPS organizes networking opportunities specifically for students. At the 2017 NEEPS conference in Binghamton, students were able to attend a lunch with the keynote speakers to give them an opportunity to talk to them in a low-pressure situation.

Check back on this page for the student events for the 2018 conference.

If you have any questions about the conference (i.e., what is necessary for submitting an abstract, what is the NEEPS experience like for students, advice on transportation and lodging, etc.) please contact the student representative: Stacey Makhanova (

Student Spotlight!

Catherine Bourgeois​​, winner of the NEEPS 2017 Best Student Poster Award

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you in your career? What are your interests?
I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Arts program at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada. I have the privilege of conducting my research with Dr. Maryanne Fisher, and fellow research lab members. In the future I wish to continue on to a graduate program in evolutionary psychology. My research interests thus far lay in aggression, coalitions, female intrasexual competition, and finding my own ways of applying an evolutionary framework to areas of forensic psychology.​​

2) How many NEEPS conferences have you attended?
2017 was the first NEEPS conference I have attended, however, I plan on making myself somewhat of a regular! In the coming year, I will attend NEEPS again and plan to attend HBES as well.

3) What did you think of NEEPS? What would you tell a student who is thinking about coming to NEEPS for the first time?
I had an amazing time at NEEPS. As a new student, it was an incredible opportunity to be submerged in an environment saturated with evolutionary perspectives. At my university, there are a limited number of courses that deal with evolutionary psychology so the conference was my first chance to be totally submersed in the area. I would highly recommend my fellow students, regardless of your year, to attend. Meeting professors, fellow students, and big names in the field is only going to enrich you and your future research. I went home from the NEEPS so inspired!